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Specialty Clinic Visiting Specialists Audiology Seema Arab Wilson, AuD Cardiology and Echocardiogram Kalyana Sundaram, MD Kari Haislet, DNP Abbie Schrader, ARNP Dermatology Angela Buttjer, PA-C Ear Nose & Throat/Skin Cancer David J. Congdon, MD, MPH, FACS Karen Sadler, ARNP Gastroenterology/Hepatology Srinivas Kalala, MD Tracy Elliott, ARNP General Surgery/Colonoscopy Paul Burgett, MD, FACS Stephen Van Buren, MD, FACS Alison Wilson, MD, FACS Nephrology T. Michel Daoud, MD Vinay K. Kantamneni, MD Oncology Balil Rahim, MD Mattie Testroet, ARNP Ophthalmology/Cataract Surgery Benjamin Mason, MD Orthopedics Robert B. Bartelt, MD Podiatry Stephen Solomon, DPM Mental Health Counseling Debra Estes, LISW Jennifer Meether, ARNP GCMH Services Anti-Coagulation Ariel Loring, PharmD GCMH Orthopedics Douglas Cooper, MD Pain Management W. Keith Barnhill, PhD, ARNP, CRNA, DAAPM Sleep Disorders GCMH Sleep Service Wound Healing Mandy Vervaecke, ARNP CALL 319-824-5081 or 888-824-5081 for scheduling information. GCMH Specialty Clinic >> Next steps If you have a need for a general surgeon, your primary care pro- vider can place a referral to the general surgery clinic by calling 641-752-6391 , and an appoint- ment will then be scheduled. offers general surgery General surgeons Stephen Van Buren, MD, FACS, and Alison Wilson, MD, see patients at the GCMH Specialty Clinic on Wednesdays. Stephen Van Buren, MD, FACS, and Alison Wilson, MD, are the newest phy- sicians to offer services in the Grundy County Memorial Hospital (GCMH) Specialty Clinic, where their general sur- gery clinic is available each Wednesday. A variety of medical conditions might prompt a visit with a general surgeon. Dr. Wilson answers questions about the care the new clinic provides: Q What are the most common types of surgeries you perform? The abdomen is the most common site of surgeries for a general surgeon. This in- cludes hernia repair and gallbladder, ap- pendix and colon surgery. Many of these surgeries can be done laparoscopically with small incisions. This allows for less discomfort during recovery and an earlier return to work and other activities and usually allows the patient to go home the same day. We also perform breast cancer and skin cancer surgeries. We are trained to take care of many different issues for patients, rather than working within only one aspect of surgical care. Q What might a prospective surgery patient expect at an initial visit with you in the Specialty Clinic? A visit to the general surgery clinic will include a discussion of symptoms and a review of any previous labora- tory or imaging tests. We will then do a physical exam and discuss any addi- tional tests needed or the options for surgery. In most instances, the surgery will be scheduled for a different day. This allows the patient to plan for the upcoming procedure, get all of his or her questions answered, and receive any preoperative instructions. In some cases, procedures such as biopsies may be completed in the office on the same day as the consultation visit. Q Can a surgery consultation, procedure and follow-up visit all take place at GCMH? Because Dr. Van Buren and I have worked together for 10 years, we are very comfortable sharing in the care of our patients. In our Grundy County prac- tice, this is especially helpful because it means we can provide continuity with one of us scheduled to see patients there every week. Much of the time, a patient can complete his or her preop- erative visit, surgery and postoperative care all locally. There may be no need to travel, as we will come to you! 5