Grundy County Memorial Hospital | Live Well | Winter 2020

Is a GCMH Lifestyle Program right for you? “My A1C has been ris- ing again, even after years on the same diabetes medicine. What steps can I take to regain control?” Class details and registration information are on page 4 “I’ve been on so many diets and gained all the weight back—and more. I know I need to lose weight to improve my health, but I’m wor- ried another class will be more of the same.” “I’m newly retired and have time to focus on healthy changes. I look forward to losing some weight and getting fit so I can enjoy my retirement and new-found hobbies.” SAM Consider the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge if this sounds like you: JOHN JOHN’S RESULTS Consider the Diabetes Prevention Program if this sounds like you: MARY “The Diabetes Prevention Program helped me get and stay active, lose greater than 8% of my body weight and reduce my risk for developing type 2 diabetes. I no longer watch races—I run them myself!” “Within the first 6 months of GCMH’s Diabetes Prevention Program, without dieting, I lost 5% of my body weight and reduced my Hgb-A1C to within a normal range.” The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge focuses on creating healthy new behaviors, not on restrictive dieting. Class members choose the change they wish to ac- complish and are measured on indi- vidual progress, which does not have to be weight! People who’ve completed the class say that the focus on health coaching and incremental change leads to better and longer lasting results. Consider Diabetes Self- Management Education if this sounds like you: Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) is the proven best-practice pro- gram for you. DSME is an integral part of diabetes care to help you achieve blood sugar control and a healthy life. DSME provides you with knowledge and builds skills needed to care for yourself through informed decision-making, problem solving and collaboration with our health care team. Simply discuss the program with your doctor and ask to be referred to DSME. JANE JANE’S RESULTS “I’m young with an active family at home. I was shocked and frustrated when I learned that I had pre-diabetes. I do not want to develop type 2 diabetes.” *Names of past class members have been changed to maintain privacy. These comments are actual reviews. 3