Grundy County Memorial Hospital | Live Well | Spring 2019

Nutrition corner Fun, no-fuss meals for summer Standard U.S. Postage PAID Grundy County Memorial Hospital 201 E. J Ave. Grundy Center, IA 50638 Information in LIVE WELL comes from a wide range of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your health care provider. Models may be used in photos and illustrations. 2019 © Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Adam Scherling, MHA President Keely Harken Foundation Development & Community Outreach Manager Newsletter Editor Crystal Petersen Health Promotion Manager LIVE WELL is published as a community service for the residents of the service area of Grundy County Memorial Hospital, 201 East J Ave., Grundy Center, IA 50638,, 319-824-5421 Crystal Petersen, RDN, LD by Crystal Petersen, RDN, LD You have better things to do this summer than sweat over a hot stove. Healthy meals can come together quickly without lengthy recipes and cook times, which is helpful for the busy family no matter what the sea- son. I like these four creative ways to get the evening meal on the table in a hurry because they use ingredients that are healthy and commonly found in your fridge, children can be involved in creating the meal, and they make creative use of leftovers! Find creative ideas for themes, flavorful combinations and recipes at grundycounty or on the hospital’s Facebook page. P I NWHE E L SANDW I CHES Give your sandwich a twist 1 Start with a whole-grain tortilla and slather on hum- mus or guacamole. 2 Layer on leafy greens and chopped vegetables. 3 Add a thin layer of sliced lean deli meats, shredded cheese or black beans (or all of the above). 4 Roll it up tight and slice it into pinwheels. POWE R BOWL S The possibilities are endless 1 Start with a whole grain in the bottom of a bowl. (Con- sider using leftover cooked grains and pasta.) 2 Top with chopped veg- gies, shredded greens or leftover roasted vegetables. 3 Add rinsed and drained canned beans, sliced hard-boiled eggs, cubes of cooked poultry, canned seafood or meats. 4 Add crunch and flavor by sprinkling on seeds, nuts and dried fruits. A L L A BOA R D Assemble a dinner board 1 Select a variety of foods and arrange them on a large tray. 2 Start with fresh vegetable sticks and pickled and marinated veggies. 3 Include sliced meats and cheeses and condiments for dip- ping, such as salsas or relishes. 4 Add something sweet, such as melon balls, fruit slices or dried fruits. 5 Add whole-grain crackers, ba- gel chips, pretzel sticks or small whole-grain buns. CHOPPED SALAD Get all the flavors in one bite The healthiest chopped salads are made with a generous amount of greens, combined with vegetables, fruits, lean protein sources, and nutrient-dense nuts and seeds. Top salads off with dressing made from healthy oils and vinegar. Pita, anyone? Chopped salads make excellent whole-grain pita pocket stuffers!