Grundy County Memorial Hospital | Live Well | Spring 2019

For Iowans, spring provides a long-awaited chance to enjoy the outdoors. From walking to biking to golf, the lure of sun- shine and warm air invites us to be more active. Healthy feet are your foundation for taking part in most summer activities. Podiatrist Stephen Solomon, DPM, encourages you to take care of your feet to avoid injury and to maximize your summer enjoyment. Dr. Solomon is among the medical specialists who see patients in the hospital’s Specialty Clinic, and he has the fol- lowing tips for good foot health that will allow your feet to take you where you want to go this summer. THE BEST IN FOOT CARE. Dr. Solomon is available each Wednesday in the GCMH Specialty Clinic to provide treatment for foot problems, including sports injuries of the foot and ankle. Dr. Solomon also performs foot surgery at GCMH, including bunion and hammertoe repair and tendon repair. Specialty Clinic Visiting Specialists Audiology Seema Arab, AuD Cardiology and Echocardiogram Kalyana Sundaram, MD Kari Haislet, DNP Abbie Schrader, ARNP Dermatology Angela Buttjer, PA-C Ear Nose & Throat/Skin Cancer David J. Congdon, MD, MPH, FACS Tricia Thompson, ARNP Gastroenterology/Hepatology Srinivas Kalala, MD Tracy Elliott, ARNP General Surgery/Colonoscopy Paul Burgett, MD, FACS Nephrology T. Michel Daoud, MD Vinay K. Kantamneni, MD Oncology Wael Ghalayini, MD Ophthalmology Benjamin Mason, MD Orthopedics Robert B. Bartelt, MD Podiatry Stephen Solomon, DPM Psychiatric Social Work & NP Debra Estes, LISW Kelsie Swisher, ARNP GCMH Services Anti-Coagulation Ariel Loring, PharmD GCMH Orthopedics Douglas Cooper, MD Pain Management W. Keith Barnhill, PhD, ARNP, CRNA, DAAPM Sleep Disorders GCMH Sleep Service Wound Healing Mandy Vervaecke, ARNP CALL 319-824-5081 or 888-824-5081 Stephen Solomon, DPM Keep your feet healthy 1 Wear shoes that fit. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your feet measured, take the time for measure- ments the next time you purchase shoes. Well-fitting shoes are the best companion on your summer walks, as blisters, ingrown toenails and bunions can result from shoes that don’t fit. 2 Avoid high heels. The pressure that wearing high heels places on your feet can lead to bunions, ingrown toenails and general foot pain. 3 Mix sitting and standing while on the job, if possible. Standing all day on hard surfaces can lead to painful feet. 4 Avoid flip-flops. This popular, warm-weather footwear should be avoided for long walks, yard- work or sports. They won’t protect your feet during these activities, and they may lead to injury. Instead, Dr. Solomon recommends sandals that are known for comfort and arch support, such as Vionic or Birkenstocks. F cus on GCMH Specialty Services >> 5