Grundy County Memorial Hospital | Live Well | Spring 2023

LIVE WELL is published as a community service for the residents of the service area of Grundy County Memorial Hospital, 201 East J Ave., Grundy Center, IA 50638,, 319-824-5421 Standard U.S. Postage PAID Grundy County Memorial Hospital 201 E. J Ave. Grundy Center, IA 50638 Adam Scherling Administrator Keely Harken Communication & Foundation Program Manager Kelly Jans Community Outreach Specialist Crystal Petersen Wellness Program Manager Make snacks count By Crystal Petersen, RDN, LD GCMH Wellness Program Manager Snacking, done right, adds up to a healthier diet by helping to increase food variety and reduce sources of added sugar, empty calories and unhealthy types of fats. With snacking trends moving to as many as three snacks a day and providing nearly one-third of our daily calories, it’s important to choose snack foods that provide nutrition and an energy boost. Think of snacks as mini meals, not treats. For busy families, it helps to plan in advance. If you need to pack snacks for the day, choose options that are still safe hours later, and invest in a cooler and ice packs to keep foods safe. Keep snacks interesting and satisfying by eating them in different combinations. For example, mozzarella cheese sticks paired with apple slices today and lean sliced deli turkey wrapped around a cheese stick tomorrow. Craving a sweet snack? Pack fruit, which is naturally sweet and satisfying. For other ideas, see “Smart Snack Substitutions,” at right. Homemade Cereal Trail Mix Makes 1 serving. ½ cup whole-grain cereal 2 tablespoons no-salt roasted peanuts 2 tablespoons dried fruit, such as raisins Smart snack substitutions Instead of this: Choose this: Candy or cookies Fresh fruit or apple slices with peanut butter Potato chips or plain crackers Homemade cereal trail mix (recipe below) or air-popped popcorn Pouch yogurts or high sugaradded yogurts Low-fat, no-addedsugar Greek yogurt with fruit Lunchable Turkey and cheese sandwich, fruit cup, or shelf-stable milk Gatorade or a fruit-flavored, high-sugar drink Water, shelf-stable milk or 100% fruit juice 2023 © Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Information in LIVE WELL comes from a wide range of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your health care provider. Models may be used in photos and illustrations.