Grundy County Memorial Hospital | Live Well | Spring 2021

Adam Scherling, MHA, GCMH Administrator 2 Every day, I see firsthand the incred- ible work being done here in our rural hospital. That’s why I’m so pleased and very proud to share that our hospital has been ranked among the nation’s best! The 2021 Top 100 Critical Access Hospital award is meaningful be- cause it measures hospital perfor- mance in eight distinct areas and offers a well-rounded assessment of what each hospital does well. Compiled by The Chartis Center for Rural Health, the program honors outstanding perfor- mance among 2,200 U.S. rural hospitals based on their quality and safe care, solid finances, patient ex- perience, and market share. The Top 100 distinction speaks to our hospital’s all-around high performance and the dedication of our team members to providing the best care. While we’re on the subject of awards, I recently attended one of the most moving and meaningful award ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed. The Grundy County Memorial Hospital Emergency Department team was recognized with a na- tional Red Cross Lifesaving Award, along with members of the Parkersburg EMS crew and the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department. The teams are credited with taking extraordinary steps to save the life of a young Parkersburg man, whose car- diac arrest at home resulted in a 911 call to Grundy County dispatch and Parkersburg ambulance. The story has a happy ending: After lifesaving care from first responders and the GCMH Emergency Department, the young man was transferred to the University of Iowa Hospitals, where care and treatment for a cardiac condi- tion followed. He’s back to teaching high school students and coaching his son’s youth basketball team, and he and his wife are expecting a baby. It was amazing to witness his gratitude and joy for the first responders, nurses and doctors who worked to save his life. While these two awards for our hospital and its teams are well deserved, it’s our patients’ outcomes that speak the loudest. From all of us at Grundy County Memorial Hospital, please stay safe and well. >> health NEWS L E A D E R S H I P C O R N E R This award is for you: Top 100 Critical Access Hospital The OnPoint Care team aims to smooth the transi- tion for those who are returning to a long-term care or skilled nursing facility after a hospital stay. Team members are advanced practice providers who care for patients hospitalized at Grundy County Memorial Hos- pital, and the teammay continue to care for the patient when they return to their nursing facility. Both Lindsay Vogel, ARNP, and Brandy Reints, ARNP, have experience with caring for older patients who may face multiple chronic health conditions. Jeremy Cordes, DO, PharmD, family practice physician with UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine–Parkersburg, is the team’s medical director. Providing follow-up care for residents in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities helps maintain health gains that have been made during a hospital stay. Visits by the OnPoint Care team can assist in managing long-term health conditions or recovering from a serious illness as the patient transitions back to their long-term care or skilled nursing home. Advantages of the new approach include: ● Preventing repeat hospital stays. ● Preventing an emergency room visit. ● Care for new chronic conditions. ● Continuity of care and treatment. ● Individualized care plan based on patient needs. The team will help you as you or a loved one recovers from serious illness or assist you in manag- ing a long-term health condition, because quality care and service does not end when you are away from the hospital or clinic setting. New! OnPoint Care delivers coordinated care after a hospital stay If you or a loved one would like more informa- tion about the continuum of care offered with the OnPoint Care team’s approach, call UnityPoint Clinic–Grundy Center Family Medicine at 319-824-6945 .