Grundy County Memorial Hospital | Live Well | Winter 2021

4 E N T AND S K I N C ANC E R C L I N I C GCMH welcomes new specialist The Grundy County Memorial Hospital Specialty Clinic is welcom- ing visiting provider Kellie Waugh, DNP, who is with the Cedar Valley Center for ENT, Sinus & Allergy and Cedar Valley Center for Skin Cancer. She specializes in treating a vari- ety of ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems, as well as providing skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. Why go to the ENT and Skin Cancer clinic? Among other things, the clinic offers care for: ● Problems with repeat ear infections, hearing loss and ring- ing in the ears ● Chronic sinus troubles, postnasal drip, allergies, nasal obstructions and problems with the sense of smell ● Recurrent tonsillitis with enlarged tonsils, GERD (gastro- esophageal reflux) and cancer or other growths in the throat ● Snoring and sleep apnea In addition, Waugh sees patients who wish to have an exam to check suspicious moles or growths in order to rule out skin cancer. Home is where your health is Is your home helping or hurting your efforts to stay fit and healthy? Did you know that the number of plants in your home can affect how healthy you are? Or that you shouldn’t have a television in your kitchen? As you are spending more time at home, it’s the perfect time to set your home up for success with tips from the hospital’s wellness program manager and a local interior designer. Watch for the hos- pital’s “virtual” educational series in February. From the kitchen to the living room, you’ll receive advice from both an interior design and wellness point of view. Specialty Clinic Visiting specialists: Audiology Seema Arab Wilson, AuD Cardiology and Echocardiogram Kalyana Sundaram, MD Kari Haislet, DNP Abbie Schrader, ARNP Dermatology Angela Buttjer, PA-C Ear Nose & Throat/ Skin Cancer David J. Congdon, MD, MPH, FACS Kellie Waugh, DNP Gastroenterology/ Hepatology Srinivas Kalala, MD Tracy Elliott, ARNP General Surgery/ Colonoscopy Paul Burgett, MD, FACS Stephen VanBuren, MD, FACS Alison Wilson, MD, FACS Nephrology T. Michel Daoud, MD Vinay K. Kantamneni, MD Oncology Wael Ghalayini, MD Ophthalmology/ Cataract Surgery Benjamin Mason, MD Orthopedics Robert B. Bartelt, MD Podiatry Stephen Solomon, DPM Mental Health Counseling Debra Estes, LISW Jennifer Meether, ARNP GCMH services: Anti-Coagulation Ariel Loring, PharmD GCMH Orthopedics Douglas Cooper, MD Pain Management W. Keith Barnhill, PhD, ARNP, CRNA, DAAPM Sleep Disorders GCMH Sleep Service Wound Healing Mandy Vervaecke, ARNP Kellie Waugh, DNP If you have a persistent condition involving the ears, nose or throat—or wish to be checked for possible skin cancer—please make an appointment to see Kellie Waugh, DNP, in the Specialty Clinic by phoning 319-833-5970 . >> CALL 319-824-5081 or 888-824-5081 for scheduling information. Join our February 2021 virtual event: “Home Is Where Good Health Begins.” Details may be found at classes-and-events-list.aspx . >>