Grundy County Memorial Hospital | Live Well | Fall 2019

Inside 3 For your safety: Know your meds 5 Could physical or occupational therapy help you? FALL 2019 In an emergency, first responders and the nurses and doctors in the Grundy County Memorial Hospital Emergency Department work together to evaluate, stabilize and treat people with a wide variety of medical and trauma condi- tions. Together, they can be considered the safety net of health care, since they are staffed 24/7/365 by professionals who are specially trained in emergency care. Medication Matters Did you know you can help prepare for an emergency by keeping a record of your medical history, along with a list of the medications you take? Grundy County Memorial Hospital/UnityPoint Health has created a Medication Matters form to encourage more people to be prepared in the event of an emergency. “An accurate medical history is one of the most important pieces of infor- mation we can get when we’re on the scene,” says Chris Heasley, EMT, Chief of Reinbeck Fire and Rescue. “If the patient is able to give us their history, along with what medications they’re Ready for any emergency: First responders, GCMH and you taking, that is ideal. If the person is unable to provide the information, we need to depend on a family member or other person to provide this important information.” Heasley says a current list of medica- tions, allergies and medical conditions that can easily be located—for instance, on the refrigerator or in a wallet or purse—is very helpful. The hospital’s Emergency Department team leader, Sara Hook, RN, agrees with Heasley that it’s helpful when first responders can locate an accurate medical record. “It can save valuable time in provid- ing treatment in the ER,” says Hook. “We recommend that you complete the free Medication Matters form and share it with a family member or keep it in a location where it is easy to BE PREPARED! Medications and health history matter in an emergency. Complete a Medication Matters form—available at the hospital, at local UnityPoint clinics and online at . —Continued on page 2 Brenda and Leon Abels, of Wellsburg. Leon depended on the Wellsburg ambulance crew and the Emergency Department team at Grundy County Memorial Hospital when he experienced unusual pressure in his chest. Learn why the retired volunteer firefighter made the right call at .